So you can finally...

  • live a self-determined life,
  • in health and zest for life,
  • in harmony with family and friends,
  • with joy at work and
  • in a loving partnership.

Do you recognize yourself here?

  • You feel exposed and helpless.
  • Your health and energy are fading away.
  • Family and friends have turned away from you.
  • There's nothing but trouble and problems at work.
  • Your partnership is in danger of breaking up.

What this is about...

Addictions occur in many forms. Among the most common are addictions to alcohol and medication, but workaholism is also becoming more common.

Addictions not only affect the life of the person concerned, but also the entire social, family and professional environment.

Unfortunately, in most cases, classical therapies only lead to extremely unsatisfactory results, especially when they are considered in the long term. In practice, relapses of addicts are unfortunately the norm rather than the exception.

However, if classical therapy methods fail so often, it is legitimate to think about an alternative or to give it a fair chance. An alternative can be the help for effective self-help.

Instead of surrendering to a therapist, the affected person is supported by a coach in freeing himself from his addiction. This may sound almost too good to be true.

But this is exactly how the addiction-free coaching programme by Eugen Bakumovski works. The goal is freedom from addiction and unrestricted health strength for the person concerned - without any side effects, shifts, overload etc.

What does self-healing look like in concrete terms? - When one encounters a new method for the first time, many questions arise. This is understandable and absolutely legitimate. After all, there are also many charlatans who promise healing but achieve nothing.

Addiction-free coaching with the aim of self-healing by the person concerned himself is characterised by the following features:

  • High degree of discretion and confidentiality, as there is only one coach and no large team of therapists as in a clinic.
  • Exclusive work 1-to-1 with the coach Eugen Bakumovski.
  • Enormous time saving: Only 5-7 days in the hotel instead of the usual 15 weeks stay in the clinic.
  • No medication.
  • No shift to alternative means (sugar, food etc.).
  • No classic talk therapy with a psychological therapist.
  • No known relapses and side effects.

The Solution

Eugen Bakumovski's addiction-free coaching focuses on working with and on the subconscious in combination with energy healing on a quantum level.

In concrete terms, it looks like a participant in the addiction-free coaching takes a break of 5-7 days (plus travel to and from work). This takes place in a public hotel in the countryside (and thus NOT in a clinic) - either in the Leipzig area or in the Bavarian Alps.

During these 5-7 days Eugen Bakumovski works directly with the participants for a few hours every day. This way the instruments of the addiction-free coaching can be learned and applied step by step very easily.

The Team

Eugen Bakumovski

Addiction-Free Coach

Eugen was a professional volleyball player for about 20 years and also played for the German national team.

For his addiction-free coaching programme, he uses his innate talent to feel the energies of other people and to let people feel their own energy. In addition, he is trained in quantum healing, energy treatment, SHT, Qi Gong, Dao Yoga etc.

At LetGoBeFree, Eugen personally conducts the addiction-free coaching with the participants. Here is Eugen's video message about addictions for you:

Dr. Lars Holldorf

Public Relations

Lars is a business economist and began his career at Bertelsmann. Since 2010 he has been working in the healthcare sector and supports employers in personnel issues. He also runs a podcast on the subject of human resources.

At LetGoBeFree he is responsible for public relations, technology and organization.

The subject of addiction is a topic that usually requires absolute discretion. This wish of the persons concerned is also absolutely understandable. Therefore, only Eugen and Lars are involved in LetGoBeFree and not an invisible shadow team. So all participants really enjoy absolute discretion!

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